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  Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter


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Transmitter Specifications :


2-wire device with either 4–20 mA/HART, linear with temperature
or input, or completely digital output with FOUNDATION fieldbus
communication (ITK 5.0.1 compliant).

Input/output isolation specified to 500 Vdc (500 Vrms 707 V peak)
at 50/60 Hz.

Humidity Limits
0–99% relative humidity.


Transmitters may be attached directly to the sensor. Optional
mounting brackets (codes B4 and B5) allow for remote mounting.
See “Optional Transmitter Mounting Brackets” on page 19.

Enclosure Ratings
Type 4X
IP66 and IP68

• RTDs: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is greater, for
24 months.

• Thermocouples: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is
greater, for 12 months.

5 Year Stability
• RTDs: - ±0.25% of reading or 0.25 °C, whichever is greater,
for 5 years.

• Thermocouples: - ±0.5% of reading or 0.5 °C, whichever is
greater, for 5 years.

Self Calibration
The analog-to-digital measurement circuitry automatically
self-calibrates for each temperature update by comparing the
dynamic measurement to extremely stable and accurate internal
reference elements.



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 Basic Information :

Adopted thermocouple temperature transmitter, thermal resistance as temperature measuring element, from a

temperature measuring element output signal to a transmitter module, after filtering, arithmetic amplifier, nonlinear

 correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection circuit processing, convert to a linear relationship

with temperature of 4 ~ 20 ma current signal 0 to 5 V / 0 to 10 V voltage signal,

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