PT100 Temperature Sensor

PT100 Temperature Sensor
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                                              Pt100 temperature sensor

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Thermocouple is the most widely used temperature gauge. Its main feature is the wide temperature range, performance
 Relatively stable, while the structure is simple, good dynamic response, more remote 4-20mA signals can be easy
Automatic control and centralized control. Unlike thermal resistance temperature measurement principle, thermocouple temperature measurement principle is based on Thermoelectric effect. Currently thermocouple applications having an international standard specification, the provisions of international thermocouple It is divided into eight different divisions, respectively, B, R, S, K, N, E, J and T, which is the minimum measured temperature Can be measured minus 270 ℃, up to 1800 ℃, wherein B, R, S thermocouples belonging Platinum Series from the structure
Speaking, it can be divided into common type thermocouple and armored.


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