EJA438N Gauge Pressure Transmitters

EJA438N Gauge Pressure Transmitters
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                               EJA438N Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Features :

The main effect of the pressure transmitter pressure signals to the electronic device, and then the computer shows the pressure principle generally: the mechanical signal into a current pressure of this pressure (4-20mA) Such electronic signal pressure and 

voltage or the current size of a linear relationship is generally positive relationship. 

Therefore, the voltage or current output of the transmitter increases with pressure thereby obtain a two pressure measured media pressure and voltage or current relationship leads to high pressure transmitter, two low pressure chamber .

Specifications :


See Table 2.

Ambient Temperature Limits:
-40 to 60 ˚C (-40 to 140 ˚F) (general-use type)
-30 to 60 ˚C (-22 to 140 ˚F) (with integral indicator)
(Note: The ambient temperature limits must be within the fill
fluid operating temperature range, see table 1.)
(See ‘Optional Specifications’ for Explosion-protected

Ambient Temperature Effect:
See Table 2.

Process Temperature Limits:
See Table 1.
(See ‘Optional Specifications’ for Explosion-protected

Ambient Humidity Limits:
5 to 100 % R.H.(at 40 ˚C)

Transmitter; 2-inch pipe mounting
Diaphragm seal; flange mounting


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