Rosemount 2051TG Gage Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 2051TG Gage Pressure Transmitter
Product Details

Rosemount 2051TG Gage Pressure Transmitter

Unit price : 500-780USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 

Transmitter Specifications:

2051TG :Gage In-Line Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range :

-14.7 to 30 psi (-1.0 to 2.1 bar)                 -14.7 to 150 psi (-1.0 to 10.3 bar)

-14.7 to 800 psi (-1.0 to 55 bar)                -14.7 to 4000 psi (-1.0 to 276 bar)

-14.7 to 10000 psi (-1.0 to 689 bar)

Transmitter Output: 

4–20 mA with Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol

Isolating Diaphragm :  316L SST     Alloy C-276     Tantalum

O-ring : Glass-filled PTFE        Graphite-filled PTFE

Sensor Fill Fluid :    Silicone      Inert (Differential and Gage only)

Housing Material :

Aluminum                    1/2–14 NPT 

Aluminum                    M20 × 1.5 

SST                            1/2–14 NPT

SST                             M20 × 1.5 

Basic Information :

Rosemount's 2051T gauge pressure and absolute pressure transmitter set sensor, electronic technology and 

single isolation diaphragm design and integration, to achieve gauge and absolute pressure measurement 

range from 0.3 to 10000psi calibration. 

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Useing workplace field :

Pressure transmitter is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice

Used in various industrial control environment, involving water conservancy and hydropower,

 railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production control, aerospace, military industry,

 petrochemical, oil, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipe, and many other industries.

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