1151HP Alphaline Pressure Transmitters-Emerson

1151HP Alphaline Pressure Transmitters-Emerson
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1151HP Alphaline Pressure Transmitters-Emerson

Unit price : 480-780USD       Min Order : 1 piece 

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .

Delivery time : 2-3weeks 

Main specification :

1151HP:Differential Pressure Transmitter for High Line Pressures

Pressure Range :

30 inH2O (7.46 kPa)         150 inH2O (37.3 kPa)

750 inH2O (186.4 kPa)     100 psi (689.5 kPa)

300 psi (2068 kPa)           1,000 psi (6895 kPa)

3,000 psi (20684 kPa)       6,000 psi (41369 kPa)

Transmitter Output: 

4–20 mA, Linear, Analog/Variable Damping

10–50 mA, Linear, Analog/Variable Damping

4–20 mA, Square Root, Analog/Variable Damping

0.8 to 3.2 V, Linear, Low Power/Fixed Damping

1 to 5 V, Linear, Low Power/Fixed Damping

Basic Information :

The Rosemount Model 1151 Alphaline® series of pressure transmitters has set an industry standard as

 the largest-selling transmitter in the world. It brings true precision to the measurement of flow, level, gage

and absolute pressures, vacuum, and specific gravity.

The metal resistance strain gauge has two kinds of filamentary strain gauge and metal foil strain gauge.

Usually will strain gauge through the special glue tightly bonding on produce mechanical strain matrix,

 when the matrix stress when the stress changes, the resistance strain gauge also together to produce

 deformation, which changes the resistance strain gauge, to make the change on the resistance of voltage

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