Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator

Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator
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                               Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator

Feature :

Currently over 200 equipment suppliers to provide more than 600 kinds of HART and FF fieldbus device protocol, Rosemount 475 handheld supports Emerson's PlantWeb PlantWeb technology and a combination of 17 years provided their instruments and valves group HART user state and maintain the required field experience. Rosemount 475 Communicator powerful fieldbus segment diagnostic function is based on thousands of worldwide within Emerson's extensive experience fieldbus devices obtained.

Specification :

(1) Basic type Rosemount 475 Communicator including live communication device, system card, with connection terminals lead, suitcases, Getting Started, User Manual, 475 Resource CD, stylus and mounting strap
(2) the user has Rosemount 375/475 power supply / charger should be considered only after the option. Note: The Rosemount 475 and 475 of the battery pack only the power supply / charger supporting the use.
(3) Quick upgrade feature allows the user to add new System Application software and Device Description (DD) to Rosemount 475 Communicator in. If you do not have this capability, the system card upgrade, must be sent to the service center.
(4) For a typical field applications, the battery pack is fully charged, the power supply can be maintained for 20 hours. If more than 20 hours, the proposed second spare battery packs

Technical parameters :




80MHZ Hitachi Hitachi SH3

3 4mm banana holes
Built-in Memory:

Infrared data port:

 maximum rate of 115kbs / s, the maximum distance 30cm
System Card:

 1GB or higher
Working environment:

-10 to 50 degrees Celsius
Random Access Memory:


IP51 (front)
Expansion Module:


1m floor to the concrete floor is no problem

about 0.9KG, including battery

 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

 1 / 4VGA (240 * 320 pixels); 8.9cm color touch screen, auto-dimming display

-20 to 55 degrees Celsius (with battery)
-20 To 60 degrees C (without batteries)

25 keys, four operation keys 12 letter keys, four shoulder, four function keys and open the key

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can be used 20 hours, 100 ~ 240VAC charge

 Mini DIN6 pin socket
Upgrade Requirements: winxp operating system drive can be connected to internet network


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