Rosemount 475 Feild Communicator

Rosemount 475 Feild Communicator
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                           Rosemount 475 Feild Communicator


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 Rosemount 475 Field Communicator Communicator is the new standard, he is further based on the needs of Rosemount and the Rosemount 275hart Communicator Communicator 375Hart 20 years of application and user experience and the development of a new generation of communication devices [1].

Following the successful application of the Rosemount 375HART Communicator, Emerson Process Management has introduced a new Rosemount 475 Field Communicator, which is to support HART communication protocol, and also supports FOUNDATION fieldbus communications protocol, and with a common, reliable, portable, intrinsically Safe, easy to upgrade and so on. These features will quickly make the Rosemount 475 Communicator become the new standard.

Specifications :

GM: Rosemount 475 Communicator supports all HART & reg; and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. Also, for your future development to allow sufficient spaceUsers may upgrade: Users can download the latest version of HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus-related content from the Internet to the Rosemount 475 handheld-place upgrade.Security: Rosemount 475 Communicator is the only meet all safety requirements of the site operator. Including ATEX-compliant, CENELEC, FM, CSA and FISCO.Solid and reliable: This is one reason he is called 'Communicator' is. You must also perform some work on the device. Rosemount 475 handheld designed for harsh working conditions and plant design.


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