J400 UE Temperature Switch

J400 UE Temperature Switch
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                                    J400 UE temperature Switch

Overview :

The 400 Series is a versatile family of vacuum, pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches for applications

 that require single or multiple switching capabilities. Dual and triple switch versions
provide multi-output for alarm and shutdown, pre-alarm and alarm, high/low limit or level staging functions. 

A wide variety of microswitch and process connection options, along with a weather-tight enclosure, make

 the 400 Series an ideal choice
for most ordinary location applications. Its worldwide use is assured with approvals and certifications to agency standards.
Widely used throughout the process industries, the 400 Series provides threshold protection and control for many critical

 functions. Typical installations are found in industrial gas production, energy generation including pumps, turbines and 

compressors, pulp and paper, and water and wastewater treatment.


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